About Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia

About Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia

Your collaboration with Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia

Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia is the exclusive distributor of Kawasaki Robotics in Scandinavia, and since 1999, we have both supplied and supported machine builders and integrators throughout Scandinavia.

Kawasaki Robotics is the oldest Japanese brand within industrial robots and further is a leading manufacturer of industrial robots and robot automation systems. For more than 50 years has developed and produced high-tech robot equipment adapted to all industries and automation needs.

Kawasakis mission is to develop a product that creates a better world that contributes to a better environment and a brighter future for generations to come. Therefore, our philosophy is also based on an innovative and sustainable approach, where we constantly strive to achieve the latest technology that ensures that we deliver flexible, simple, sustainable, and user-friendly robots for your company.  

That is why Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia has a wide range of solid, efficient, and reliable industrial robots. With the right programming, applications and accessories, the robots can solve and optimise any work task in your company – whatever fits the industry of your company.

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With Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia, you will get:

  • A wide product catalogue of efficient, solid, and reliable robots tailored your automation needs
  • A partner who meets the requirements of a high level of information about technical data
  • Training courses for your technicians and users that ensures an easy start-up and quick familiarity with the robot
  • Fast delivery based on a strong supply chain
  • Tailored 24/7-365 service set-up within reach with specialists in service and support of Kawasaki robots


You will also get a robot:

  • With fast and easy set-up combined in one controller and one software
  • With open software that allows you to edit and program
  • Where you can edit as well as up- and download robot code while the robot is in operation
  • Where all necessary (standard) equipment for quick commissioning is included. Including HMI/IF panel at no additional cost
  • With a controller which is among the smallest in the world, but very powerful and can handle both motion- and PLC-features at the same time
  • Where the driving patterns are easy to trim and make smooth, which gives the robot fewer de- and accelerations (optimised cycle time)
  • Where options are open and not license-based
  • That requires a minimum of maintenance