Robots for any purpose

With Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia you will get solid, efficient, and reliable industrial robots for any purpose. In our wide and versatile product catalogue, you will find a robot that is suitable for your industry and your specific needs for automation.



Your collaboration with Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia

Since 1999, Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia has been the exclusive distributor of industrial robots and robot automation systems from Kawasaki. Kawasaki, which in more than 50 years has developed and produced high-tech robot equipment adapted to all industries and automation needs, and thus one of the industry’s leading brands in industrial robot automation. 

With Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia, you will get:

  • A wide product catalogue of efficient, solid, and reliable robots tailored your automation needs
  • A robot that contributes to increased efficiency and a better work environment in your company
  • Tailored service 24/7-365 within reach with specialists within service and support of Kawasaki robots

 Denmarks largest service organisation is ready to help you in all situations!

We know that operation is the most important thing for any productions – and downtime is not an option!

That is why our service team is ready to help you with service-agreements tailored your company’s needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our goal is to make sure that your production runs optimally, without downtime and with focus on uptime and output.  

Kawasaki robotics service

News from Kawasaki Robotics Scandinavia

Norwegian Cobot Senter (NCS) distributes Kawasaki robots in the Norwegian market

Norwegian Cobot Senter (NCS) was established in February 2020 by Kjell Sæther and Kristian Sortland. NCS works to solve the challenges of Norwegian production companies by providing information about the possibilities with automation and robots.